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Commenced in the year 2000, the company engages itself in the manufacturing of hard boiled sugar confectionery ranging from flavored candies, including center filed sweets to milk based lacto bonbons, eclairs, chocolate coated wafers and moulded chocolates.

Hold on! The variety doesn’t end here!

We at Prayagh are growing and grooming ourselves consistently as we always opt for innovating something different than our regular strengths. The ‘Experienced Prince’ of sugar and chocolate confectionery is increasing it’s shelves by fathoming in the ‘Cake’ sector. Ever tasted the center filled soft cakes which soothes your tongue and clicks a sweet flavor beneath? If not, we are going to provide you with that opportunity soon enough! more

Why choose Prayagh ?

Prayagh has a vast stretch over confectionery products. Starting with soft-boiled products ranging from Toffees to center-filled Eclairs (four flavors) and from center-filled Wafers to Shell Moulded chocolates, the company has lengthened it’s capacities beyond the skies.

The company has an exclusive contract for manufacturing Hard-boiled Sugar Confectionery, Toffees and Eclairs with M/S. ITC Ltd. (Foods Division), which has forayed into this field for the first time through contract manufacturing, with our unit being the first one to get started for ITC’s massive confectionery range under the brand name of “CANDYMAN”.

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Upcoming & Ethnic Products

Ethnic Products

With the zestful taste of Pan flavors merged with small chunks of ‘fennel seeds’, candies couldn’t have tasted better. It’s strong burst of mint under your tongue captivates you to gulp another delight within seconds!
Upcoming Products


Will soon be manufacturing soft, center filled cakes with diversified flavors to tease a blissful effect over your senses with just a single gulp.
Fruits Flavoured Candies

Prayagh bestows a vast variety of candies juiced-up with fresh, exotic fruits which burst out a splash of different flavors to sweeten your palate.

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Call: 040 6450 1114

E-mail: prayaghnutri@yahoo.com